Team working deepens each member´s aptitudes and boosts their efforts, diminishes invested labor time and increases positive results.

1. Building trust. Trust is the main element in teamwork. TERMOSTEEL® boosts an environment where FRANCHISES and community understand all member´s abilities, their roles and how they are able to help each other.

2. We establish common objectives. Within the TERMOSTEEL® community we work as a team pursuing the same goals. This is why it is important that each TERMOSTEEL® member and his team fully understand the brand while contributing to our common purposes.

3. We create a sense of belonging. Human beings need to feel we are part of something. This is the reason why the most powerful factor in the creation of TERMOSTEEL® equipment is the development of a common idea, setting the values y ensuring that each member becomes aware of his/her impact within their own teams.

4. We encourage franchise team members to become decision makers. Nothing affects team work more than decisions made by an autocrat leader. To avoid this, the MASTER- FRANCHISE prompts idea-creation processes, helps motivate mind opening ideas and opinion sharing within members.

5. We nurture an understanding of all parties involved. Criticizing or undervaluing others´ work can be tempting when one doesn’t understand the work involved. In order to create empathy among TERMOSTEEL® community members, we conduct trainings. That way, each member will understand what´s involved in each other team member´s
labor and how he or she can contribute to improve it.

6. We stimulate responsibility and mutual compromise. When a person becomes part of a team, he or she knows that the achievements or failures are everyone´s responsibilities. Instead of encouraging a “this is not my problem” mentality we encourage a team problem solving approach.

7. We motivate communication among team members. The only way to achieve good team work among TERMOSTEEL® community members is to open up suitable communication channels. True teams listen and cross-feed each other, are eager to change their minds and to create effective group strategies.

8. We take advantage of diversity. Homogeneous work teams can function efficiently but without originality. We encourage the creation of a diverse working community with different personalities and interests, but that shares values and a compromise to the TERMOSTEEL® brand, embracing an entrepreneurial and social responsibility approach.

9. We celebrate group success. Albeit it is important to also recognize individual work, it is key rewarding team work results, a TERMOSTEEL®´s team member triumph is everyone´s success.

10. We form leaders. Because we think of you, we have created the TERMOSTEEL® Development and Leadership Academy. Every work team needs a leader to guide and assemble individual efforts. As a leader, you´ll help reach a consensus and take decisions, based on your team´s ideas and opinions.