Why choose TERMOSTEEL?

It is easy to implement both from an operational and financial point of view. It adapts to different profiles of entrepreneurs in the construction industry, small and large companies can use it equally. Economically it provides undoubted benefits and its processes are efficient in the construction market.

What is the profile of a TERMOSTEEL franchisee? Does it need to operate in a specific segment?

The candidate´s main activity must be as a civil construction builder whose vision is to handle public and private construction service segments on residential and non-residential buildings, on different local market niches.

Is my business required to have a minimum size?

The size of the business is not relevant, matters the most is to have a successful business model.

What can I expect from the franchise (results)?

Basically, the franchise will allow you to implement an experience in assorted geographical environments at great speed with efficient processes and high quality products and a guarantee that will enable you to profit from that growth. Further, you´ll achieve all this while keeping a lighter personnel structure, a great control capability and a higher safeguard level with the TERMOSTEEL brand.

What do I need to start benefiting from the franchise?

Complete 1 to 3 projects with 1 approved project and have a minimum of 4 projected constructions to be developed within a year of operation considering:

  • There must be 1 approved project, at a minimum
  • Confirm that it is compatible with the use of LSF TERMOSTEEL components
  • Contact, through the Web Master my interest in having a franchise and send the franchise inquiry form
  • Sign the franchise contract

Is the TERMOSTEEL franchise costly?

It isn´t, it will cost more not to take advantage of the opportunities this growth system offers to all business concepts that are really differentiable.

Can I keep track of my TERMOSTEEL material supply chain and allocate my suppliers?

Yes, the main components of the TERMOSTEEL System are SOMUNDY made and are available 365 days of the year. Being part of the franchise Web means you will be able to purchase parts and components from local suppliers that are compatible with both the constructive building as well as the traditional building systems.

Is there demand for the product that the TERMOSTEEL franchise offers?

Yes, construction demand is sustainable nowadays. Further, the constructive system and its components meets technical specifications and rules established in the International Building Code IBC and the local country, enabling it to easily enter the construction market.

Is there growth potential for the building construction business?

Yes, as long as a construction builder quantifies efforts through effectiveness and efficiency factors, this is by far the best business sustainable option.

Does the TERMOSTEEL brand differentiate itself from the competition?

Yes, the brand provides all the manufacturer´s guarantees to the builder, with all its advantages and benefits.

Does the product or service have a competitive price range?

Yes, it´s measurable in terms of profitability per project.

Does the model adapt to the available budget?

Yes, since the business investment will pay for itself with the construction of the building, in a short or medium term, as deemed fit by the applicant.

Who will operate the business?

You and your company. The franchise will only provide technical support and monitoring during business operations, and while providing SOMUNDY building supplies to your construction project.

What type of training will the franchise provide?

There will be on-site theory and practical training modules.

Who will the franchise train (only you or also your associates)?

In both cases an induction that is both administrative and operative is needed as well as all personnel under the franchise scope.

How often are the user manuals updated?

Annually, as deemed fit by R & D