Become a professional, entrepreneur and a businessperson open to the possibility of creating sustainable businesses. TERMOSTEEL is a business tool designed to build a successful construction company. Become a part of our franchise community, don´t wait!


TERMOSTEEL® is the world´s first civil construction Franchise since 1998; it has raised near to 178 construction builders in 12 countries sheltered under the value plan:


It´s been 20 years since the TERMOSTEEL® Franchise was launched in the market, it was conceived as a USA enterprise to the world and with that, the evidence of hard teamwork translated into (m2) built with the Constructive system Light Steel Framing, manufactured by SOMUNDY on multiple projects from Europe, Africa and America where the constructive system has been difficult to incorporate due to the markets´ preference for traditional construction.

In today´s globalized world, new generations of construction builders require simpler, more efficient, competitive and profitable use of products and systems encompassed in the term “Sustainability”. In this context, TERMOSTEEL® becomes an ideal alternative way of doing business framed in a “WIN-WIN” philosophy.

The TERMOSTEEL®  franchise is a CIVIL CONSTRUCTION services commerce system, formed by legally independent individuals and enterprises whose economic activity is the civil construction of residential and non-residential buildings, bound by a contract, whereby, one of the parties (the master franchise) grants the other or others (franchise holder), the right to use and excercise the trademark materialized in structural components “panels and fences” of the LSF Light Steel Framing construction system, buit for any of the local country´s SOMUNDY units, ensuring at the same time technical aid and the needed regular services provided to facilitate such excercising rights.


If you are an enterpreneur or a construction builder and you feel that:

  • Your business is new and lack experience
  • Your construction processes are not efficient enough
  • You need and don’t have training and on site monitoring
  • Your Direct Labor performances are low
  • You labor costs are high
  • Your financial results are extremely tight
  • Your construction works look messy and are visual pollutants
  • You can barely keep track of the amount of construction and materials
  • You cannot recoup investments in a timely manner

It´s important to understand that a TERMOSTEEL®  franchise is an option which guarantees:

  • Added experience to your business in spite of being a new enterpreneur
  • Construction processes that become more efficient with less resources
  • Constant training and monitoring
  • Certification and access to qualified labor
  • Financial results with less effort in an affective and sustainable manner
  • Construction work that is cleaner, with almost no waste or visually pollutant
  • Traceable construction quality, guaranteed construction material
  • Shorter amounts of time spent on a construction site guarantees a fast return of investment and increases motivation for reinvestment

Process Standarization

Corporate Publicity

Branch Customization

Technical Support


Branch Experience


The franchise starts its business on day one (1) of signing the contract where the handbook is hand delivered and the planificaton of the TRAINING PROGRAM is established.  The operative and administrative induction takes place during the training period counting, naturally, on the Master´s support to answer all inquiries that may arise.


1.- The master franchise will get in touch with you through an e-mail and will set up a personal visit, video conference or telephone call in order to clarify any questions or doubts you may have.

2.- Once the participant has been approved, the revision process and signing of the Franchise Contract will take place.

3.- Download the TERMOSTEEL® BUSINESS plan.

Includes: A TERMOSTEEL® BUSINESS plan where you´ll find the conditions, a working operative form and the basic franchise operational and administrative requirements for a BRAND.

For: Builders and/or enterpreneurs eager to innovate technologicaly and to work with an industrialized and constructive system.

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